in planning phase, keeping the event conception results in consideration, the evet’s requirements and necessary steps, Farsight begins the planning process to supply and maintain services.  In this phase, While the final contacts and preparation is being made to finalize the required services form suppliers, the actual experience of the audiences will be virtualized step by step and necessary changes in each step will be done.







Farsight adroit operating team will design, arrange, and handle all accommodation, transportation, Iran VISA procedures and processes, communication, information, and formality protocols services for all attendees, ……………………..regardless of their role in your event. ( cause those are who matters the most)



Predicting every necessary detail for every step of the event and avoiding possible difficulties is the goal of the planning phase. Farsight risk management service team are familiar with these necessary details and able to overcome and facilitate the possible issues. Security services and protocols, official approval and authorized formalities are some instances. In addition, the event budget control services, which are of high importance in cases such as conferences and exhibitions, are also one of the services that Farsight offers in risk management.



By finalizing the discussed agreements between Farsight and every single service supplier, from catering, photography to transportation, of the event in this phase, we will make sure that all goes well according to your liking and our plan.