While MICE is usually categorized as one of proper subsets of tour and travel industry services, MICE services have a big difference than other services. Having a good time in a great site, spending time in good places, and resting in good hotel are all considered in tour and travel services as the services from the view point of a client, while the MICE services clients buy these services according to their business goals and demands. For MICE services to be successful, not only the key factors of high quality conventional tour and travel products such as tickets, accommodation, and catering is important but also the ideal marketing performance and establishing and developing business contacts, contracts, or partnership are must to be considered and can change the balance of the course of actions as well.

In fact, the ultimate goal of creating and having a good and memorable time is to be successful in your business. Knowing the fact, Farsight considers business and designs and offers its MICE services accordingly. To Farsight, investing on human resources notably on the intellectual assets, the brand image, and business communications are the key factor that have to be considered while designing packages. These are business packages, not just tour packages. The great impact and the true importance of a MICE event is summarized by see them affect and enhance your business success, and making sure that your event is successful is our business.